About me

 In 1998 I graduated from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague in the direction of School music 1st degree, with the first instrument flute. In 2005 I completed the post-hbo training “Muziek op Schoot teacher”, currently I am following the Master Art Education at Codarts. Besides flute, I play all kinds of instruments and I am always looking for new and special sound forms. For the Muziek op Schoot lessons I regularly write songs myself and the musical pleasure is always central.

Since 2010, I have specialized in giving and organizing special concerts for the youngest, from small-scale musical earrings to a concert with a large orchestra. In 2013 this resulted in “Krulmuziek”: with 3 professional strings we provide baby and children's theater concerts, look for bookings at Buro Bannink.

In 2013 I was organizer and project coordinator of the Year of Music with the Young Child. Since 2008 I have been active for the Stichting Muziek op Schoot, of which I have been chairman since 2014. In 2018 'Muziekkwartier' came out and I provide training to pedagogical professionals in childcare in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since 2019 I am a teacher at the Music Education Schoot teacher training course and I am happy to train future colleagues.

In addition, I am conductor and arranger of Musical- en Popkoor Delft and women's choir Let it go! and I specialized in “Music in Pregnancy”.


I regularly speak at study days, give lectures and provide customized training courses from workshops to long-term guidance for pedagogical employees. Many articles by my hand have already been published in the professional pyramid. And I often gave workshops to colleagues on the Gehrels Professionalization Day.

I get extra inspiration for my work at the international congresses ECME (Early Childhood Music Education Commission) and MERYC (European Network Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children) where I also gave presentations.

  • 2012, ECME conference in Corfu. Two poster presentations: One about baby concerts and one about the comparison of the work of pioneer Annie Langelaar with contemporary Muziek op Schootpraktijk.
  • 2015, MERYC in Tallinn. Presentation 'Playful singing' about stimulating self-singing babies and toddlers. And a poster presentation about the Year of Music with the Young Child.
  • 2016, ECME, The Netherlands, presentation 'Singing methods meet vocal play' on the application of playfully healthy voice stimulus in very young children aged 0-4 years.
  • 2019, MERYC, Ghent. Poster presentation 'Just music: embedding child-development oriented music activities at day care centers.' About the creation of the book Muziekkwartier.
  • 2019, MERYC, Ghent. Workshop 'Pretend play: painting in three-four time' on the application of exceptional playing material for the implementation of musical skills that cannot be made visible in other situations


In 2018 'Muziekkwartier development-oriented music making in childcare' was published by SWP publisher. Visit www.muziekkwartier.org for more information about the book and about the corresponding training for pedagogical staff, childminders and other professional educators.

Together with Guus Westdorp and Ton op 't Hof I made the CDs “Liedjes op Schoot”, released, part 1 came out in 2008, part 2 in 2009. Guus and Ton provided the songs with cheerful arrangements, I have done and sung the composition. Published by Disky with illustrations by Maikel Verkoelen. These songs can also be listened to via Spotify. The circulation was more than 20,000.


In the past I was a music teacher in secondary education in lower and upper classes in Schiedam, Wassenaar and Delft and conductor and arranger of an orchestra and various children's, youth and student choirs.