Practical information and registration

The weekly courses are on Friday or Saturday mornings in Delft. The courses start in January, May and September.
For registration or registration for the mailing list of the next course, you can fill in the form at the bottom of this page. Registration is in order of registration (waiting list), you will receive a personal message if there is room.

Group formats depend on the registrations. Your child is always classified with children of the same age. There are no meetings during the school holidays. In principle, a permanent adult comes with your child, or two permanent adults alternate. Due to the limited space, only 1 adult per child is allowed. At the end of each series I always organize a class where an extra adult can come along to have a nice look.

In the groups up to 4 years old, siblings can also register together when they can walk, so that parents with more children can also participate in the course. It is no problem at the meetings if you do not (yet) have a command of the Dutch language. Communication can take place in English. The Muziek op Schoot itself is in Dutch, but easy to follow. You get to take home all the lyrics. Where necessary, I provide additional explanations in English.

On Saturdays there is Music on Lap for children from 6 months to 4 years. (from 4 months only if the rest of the group is under 12 months).


The series that start in January and September are basically 10 lessons. In May I will start another course of 5 lessons (until the summer holidays).

Op vrijdag 28 mei en zaterdag 29 mei start er een live serie, geef je nu op:



The lessons (except the baby group) are given in 'de Salon' of restaurant Huszar, Hooikade 13, 2627 AB in Delft.

Location: Baby group

The baby lessons from Friday 1 pm will be given at Laan van Braat 33, 2627C in Delft

A baby group (4 to 10 months) can also be given in consultation at its own location on a weekday morning or afternoon, for example with your pregnancy group. The number of lessons, time and day is then in consultation.

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