Music lessons at nursery or playgroup

The toddlers crawl to the carpet and start clapping. The toddlers are eagerly waiting at the door until it is their turn. Music really adds something to the daily routine in childcare. Having fun making music together connects and stimulates the children in many development areas through play.
You can contact us for weekly music lessons, project-based music lessons or individual music workshops at the childcare center.

Training for pedagogical staff: Muziekkwartier

Making music, playing and singing every day gives children the opportunity to play together with pleasure. The music game contains an offer in which children playfully 'work' on their own development based on their own needs and that of the group. By training the entire team of pedagogical staff, this can become everyday reality in any group. Read more about this in the book 'Muziekkwartier' or book a training. There is a tailor-made offer for all organizations - small and large. Look for this on Muziekkwartier.


At nurseries True Colors, 't Knuffeltje, the Elfje and WisKids in Delft, I give regular Muziek op Schoot lessons. At Plukkebol I supervise the music ambassadors for the regular daily Muziekkwartier in all groups.
I first sing the children with the greeting song, children enjoy 'Classic with Cuddly Toys', after which we play: clapping, dancing, playing with balls, bells, rattles, boxes, musical instruments,… On the sounds, words, sounds and games that the children do spontaneously themselves is played in, so that they are confirmed in their development. Together with the pedagogical staff, we sing massage songs, peekaboo songs and dance to music.

The play with music we do is very diverse: dancing to music together, listening to the flute, piano, guitar, harp, etc. or making your own music, clapping, improvising, finger games, and singing with toys. The children are allowed to come up with many ideas of their own, which they like to do. In all these games, the various development areas are stimulated and confirmed. The meeting strikes a balance between: language / speech stimulus, motor development, emotional, sensory, social and cognitive development. But above all the musical development that lays the foundation for pleasure in music by playing with it, making music and experiencing music. The pedagogical staff receive all songs so that they play the same games again! can play during the week.